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DORA ROZSA - Personal Trainer

A Happier You

Recognized as one of the top fitness professionals - even personal trainers train with me!

I help my clients safely and effectively lose weight and get into shape. My personalized training regime is based totally on you

  • Your individual assessment and goals

  • Your current lifestyle

  • Carefully checking the medical history to avoid injuries

New Online Training now available

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With the new restrictions due to Covid-19 all our lives are changing. It is an important time for us to keep our mind and bodies in shape.

My online training programme is specially designed to maximise limited space.


This programme does not need expensive equipment instead I make use of  the items you already have and your own body weight. 

The programme starts with an online consultation to establish your fitness goals. I’ll create a professional training plan. This unique plan will also take into account your recovery and show you the importance of a good recovery regime. This part of the plan is vital in enabling you to continue to make progress.

Each month I will adjust the plan based on your progress. Constantly monitoring is important as milestones should never pass unnoticed or celebrated!

Join my individual programme, get fitter and feel happier.

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With my sports background I truly believe that Personal training is the most effective way to get results. Whether it’s losing weight, trimming and toning or competitions.

The people that I have trained have lost weight, changed their body shape and gained confidence in their abilities. 


I will design a programme around you which will help you burn calories, increase your metabolism and improve your overall health.

Your programme will grow with you and does not need expensive equipment instead I make use of  the items you already have and your own body weight. 

The programme starts with a free consultation to establish your fitness goals. Each month we will adjust the plan based on your progress so that we together reach new levels.

Join my individual programme, get fitter and feel happier.

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Online Training
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Your Body, the Way You Want It

You have already taken the first empowering steps towards a new healthier you and I believe that I can take you further towards achieving your goals. I believe in finding the fun side of fitness and have spent my life in the sporting industry.

Highlights of my sporting career

  • National Swimming Champion,Hungary 

  • Member of the Hungarian Swimming team 

  • European Youth, Junior Tri Champion 

  • Hawaii Ironman World Championship

  • Climbed Kilimanjaro, Africa

  • London, New York, Amsterdam, Paris marathons

  • Tour de France Etape

  • 2020 Winner of the Tour de Pelso 

  • Technical Official 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

  • Swimming trainer @ Dolfijn Amsterdam

  • Mother of three children

I have a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I believe that I can motivate and inspire you and we will achieve your goals together.

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The Fast Track to meeting your goals

I provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Check out my offerings and choose one suitable to your ambitions and lifestyle.

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Leg Stretch
Barbell with Weights


Strength & Stamina

Cardio is essential for a healthy heart and lungs. This program will boosts your calorie burn and decrease your fat levels. The right cardio vascular exercise is important to improve overall health. My program is built around your progression!


Look Good, Feel Good

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. Once you increase your flexibility this will help  you improve your posture, your balance and preventing injuries


A Healthier You

The unique program I’ve developed aims to boost your metabolism and improve your overall health. If you want to tone up as a result of weight loss or bulk up I have a combination of strategic exercises to help you get the shape you want.

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Roseanna Glynn

Amsterdam / London

Personal Training

Dora has been a massive motivator to me over the last few years. Her energy is infectious and I have got great results! Family and friends have noticed a difference in not just how I look but also my energy levels. She listens, which is important to me and varies our sessions. Without doubt she is the most knowledgeable trainer I have had and my work with her has had a positive impact in my home life as my teenage daughters are now exercising following the example I am setting. Thank you Dora.


Yacob Sason

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Personal Training

Dora is a top class coach to train with, she motivates me to train harder.

Her background won't lie to you, she has always been busy with sports like swimming, cycling, running and fitness training.

She will explain to you why she has chosen certain exercises for you. She wants to get results for you. Dora is a coach who will listen to your needs physically but also emotional.


Katalin Kundrak

London, UK

Online sessions

Dora has been training me via Online sessions since the beginning of the lock down. 
Although normally I am not very fond of training at home, her expertise and enthusiasm made me both push myself and enjoy our sessions.
She takes records of my exercises and makes sure  that I progress every week.  Because she pays close attention the whole time, I feel safe to work hard without the risk of injuring myself. I highly recommend Dora to anyone who wants to see results.

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Dr. Gabriella Sinkó

Budapest, Hungary

Online sessions

For many years I couldn't motivate myself to do any sport. Now I have found what I need, the motivation that I get from Dora during the online sessions

She has built me a balanced  workout plan. I can feel the development in my muscles and it has positive effect

on my health.

She motivates me to do more, she understands what I need, disciplined and demanding, 

exactly what beginners need.

I feel much better and I continue to work with her. 



+31 611620997

+36 209734545

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